1. How do I book a trip?

You may book a trip by phone at 506-725-5839 or by email at sophie@bonvoyagetours.ca.

2. What information will I have to provide when booking?

If you are booking a trip to Canada, you will need to provide your name, telephone number and address or email. For trips to the United States, you will need to provide the previous information plus your date of birth and citizenship. A deposit of $100 per person is required at time of booking.

3. How much spending money should I bring with me?

This is different for each individual person. It is hard to say exactly how much spending money you will need. On most trips, breakfasts are included in the price, so you only need to pay for your lunches and suppers. However, some trips do offer some lunches and suppers. This is specified on the itinerary. You should also bring some extra money if you intend on buying souvenirs, tickets to shows/attractions, etc.

4. When should I book?

You can book a trip whenever you are ready. Some clients book as early as one year in advance to secure their seats!

5. What type of luggage may I bring with me?

Each passenger is allowed  to bring a standard suitcase (max. 27 inches) that will be put in the passenger luggage area. A small carry-on bag may be brought inside the bus and stored in the overhead compartment. You should store your passport, insurance papers, snacks, etc. in your carry-on bag. Your suitcase will only be available to you when we arrive at the hotel, so it is very important not to store your passport or medication in it. You may leave your carry-on bag in the bus, but please note that Bon Voyage Tours is not responsible for stolen or lost valuables.

6. What type of buses do you use?

We travel in deluxe motor coaches. A deluxe motor coach is a bus equiped with air conditioning, a bathroom for emergencies, a DVD player, an audio system and TV screens to watch movies. These buses also have a passenger luggage area as well as an air suspension system that allows the driver to lower the bus so that you can safely hop on and off.

7. Are the city tours in English or French?

When there are both Anglophones and Francophones on the bus, we do our best to find qualified bilingual tour guides.

8. When should I pay for my trip?

An initial deposit of $100 per person is required at time of booking and the balance is due 30 days prior departure. For tours lasting more than 14 days, the balance is due 45 days prior departure.

9. What are your methods of payment?

You may send a cheque or a money order, pay by Interact money transfer or in cash in person. Please note that you can pay with a credit card, but that a 2.9% service fee will be added to your total.

10. What is the temperature like in New York, Florida, etc.?

We recommend that you check the weather before you leave for your trip so that you know what clothes to pack (http://www.theweathernetwork.com).

11. Do I have to follow the group at all times?

You don't have to follow the group if you don't want to. Scheduled activities aren't mandatory. However, if you are thinking of leaving the group and exploring on your own, please let your group leader know so the group doesn't wait for you.

12. When do you take breaks on the bus?

We stop for meals and breaks. During breaks, we stop long enough for you to stretch your legs and go to the bathroom. The motor coach has a bathroom, but for the comfort of everyone on the bus, we ask that it be used in case of emergencies only.

13. Are tips included in the prices?

Tips are not included in your package. An envelope will be distributed in the bus at the end of the trip. Please note that tips are always at your discretion and that they are a way of showing your appreciation.